a 7-year-old girl at the creative digital workshop whispered repeatedly for several minutes as she directed her self-made robot through the classroom. “Oh, how nice” surely some of the parents thought when they saw the progress of their children. Making and coding, i.e. creative design and doing it yourself, especially with digital technologies, is exciting and thrilling. Technical understanding, creative problem-solving, social interaction and manual skills are trained on the side.

We can hardly imagine a working environment completely without computers, internet and machines. Is there a future for our children in which the majority of them will sooner or later be replaced by machines? The digital revolution offers great potential and creates many completely new jobs.

We assume social responsibility and are personally committed to young people in order to give them access to mathematics and natural sciences. We support innovative projects to promote education for children between the ages of five and ten.
We want to promote those skills of our children that will be important in the future, such as social intelligence, the ability to work in a team, intercultural understanding, creativity and inventiveness, as well as in-depth IT skills. That is why we organize creative, digital workshops in which children can gain initial programming experience. It is particularly important to us that the children have fun! Because you can only learn well with joy!

Would you like to pass your knowledge on to young people? Then contact us at office@quanteroo.com.

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