Data Science


John Tukey, a famous American mathematician and statistician, said, “The greatest value in a picture is that it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.” And we can only agree. Visualization makes analysis results clear and explicit. Without visualization, there would be no business insights, no answers to ad-hoc questions, no control of data quality.


Out of all areas of data science, visualization is the most underrated. Due to the diverse design possibilities of visual analytics, the challenge arises to use these possibilities in a meaningful way. The reality usually looks different. When staff members receive reports, they often complain about the information overload and not very intuitive dashboards. Impressive visualizations that do not add value to business needs are useless and remain unused. We want to change this!

Data artists and information designers from quanteroo prepare data in an understandable and appealing way so that the complexity is reduced and even make extensive data sets accessible.

First, we chose a selection of modern visual analytics solutions such as Tableau, Power BI, Qlik or Microstrategy in a standardized selection process. Special emphasis was put on user-friendly tools with which business users can implement meaningful visualizations without having to involve IT. This brings more skills to the specialist areas and increases the speed of implementation significantly.

For designing good visualizations, the target group of the reports needs to be known as well as the questions which are regularly asked about the data by this group of people. This is the only way to ensure that the subsequent visualization has a clear focus and can fulfil its purpose. At the beginning of the development process, we conduct interviews with the users in order to understand the context of use. Requirements for individual visualizations can only be formulated knowing this information. Based on these user interviews we created a holistic concept to cover all requirements.

Then we select suitable elements for graphic illustration and begin to visualize the data. Its design and arrangement affects understanding within the dashboard and guides the users. With an optimized display and positioning we ensure that the customer data always tells the right story. Quanteroo helps select the right building blocks from the multitude of different design elements. Thus, you arrive at your own best practice design philosophy which has a lasting positive effect on the use of data in the company. In the next step, we implement necessary reports and dashboards in the visual analytics tool.

It is important to us that the basic abilities of humans to visually grasp relationships and patterns are optimally utilised with the help of data preparation with a visual analytics tool.